The Bossy One

My new nanny posting with Irish billionaire Declan Byrne and his adorable niece, Catie, feels so right—at first.

But everything—and I mean everything—is wrong about Declan.

We first met on a flight where he basically told me that it’d be “grand” if I could stop talking.

I can’t help it. I’m a nervous flyer.

He’s a total grump.

He obviously doesn’t like me.

Too distractingly gorgeous to be around for any length of time.
And he’s made it clear that as soon as he can find another nanny, I’m gone.

This Minnesota girl is made of tough stuff though, so I know I can make it through one Irish summer with one sexy Irish curmudgeon.

At least I thought I could, until he became that much harder to resist.

Because the more I work with Declan, the more I realize there’s something growing between us…an attraction that’s impossible to resist.

Declan hides a kind heart behind his stormy, gruff demeanor.

And that accent.

That suave Irish brogue makes my insides melt.

The cardinal rule of being a nanny is to not get involved with the family.

To maintain a professional distance.

Sleeping with Declan would definitely cross that line.

Some rules are meant to be kept.

Others are meant to be shattered.

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