The Cowboy’s Pregnant Fake Fiancée

They fooled the entire town. But they can’t fool their own hearts…

For years, life on the road was the only life hotshot rodeo star Dean “Wildcard” Slate knew. Until an injury forced him to step away from the spotlight, and spend some time on the small-town ranch he always dreamed about. Without the tabloids following his every move, Dean can finally enjoy the quiet life for a while. 

Meanwhile, town sweetheart Marley Arrowood is finally happy with the direction her life is going. She’s escaped from her perfectly planned future, ditched her controlling ex, and fulfilled her dream of opening a bakery. Then she runs into Dean. And one night with the handsome cowboy changes everything. Especially after Marley discovers she’s got another kind of bun in the oven…

It was just supposed to be a night of steamy fun. Until the town catches wind of their affair, and they’re forced but to pretend they’re in love to keep their reputations intact. 

But when their fake romance starts feeling all too real, they both begin to wonder… Who’s fooling who?

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