The SEAL’s Treatment (Hartsville’s SEAL Heroes #5)

She’s helping heal his body, but what about his heart?

Physical therapist Kinley James loves helping her clients—until she accidentally discovers one of them is a Mafia hit man. Now she’s seen too much, and that means her life is in danger. Good thing her sexy new client, Matthew Templeton, is a rugged Navy SEAL.

Matthew is struggling to recover from a serious injury and learn how to be a dad to his recently orphaned niece. He’s committed to powering through his rehab so he can return to the job he loves—and he’s less than delighted when Kinley warns that may not be realistic. Still, not only is she a warm and beautiful woman, she’s amazing with his niece.

And there’s not a chance in hell that he’ll let any harm come to her.

At first, Kinley dismisses the increasingly dangerous “accidents” happening around her, but Matthew is worried… and neither can dismiss their growing attraction to each other. Can Matthew protect Kinley, and confess his feelings for her, before it’s too late?

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