The Sheikh’s Fake Courtship (Halabi Sheikhs #2)

Just once, Raina Mousa wants to do something daring, something her loving but strict parents would never approve of. Though Raina’s lived most of her life in the U.S., she’s agreed to an arranged marriage and to settle down in her parents’ home country of Al-Mifadhir. Before she meets her fiancé, however, she can’t resist having a night of fun with the hot, sexy man she meets in a bar. The next morning, though, she’s horrified to discover the man she’s just spent one unforgettable night with is her future husband’s brother, Chadil Halabi. The good news? Chadil’s elderly and confused aunt brokered a marriage contract with a man who was already married. So now Raina doesn’t feel quite so guilty about her amazing night with Chadil. But then Chadil’s aunt makes things infinitely worse by announcing to the world that Chadil and Raina are engaged. Chadil’s solution? A fake courtship. They’ll spend a few weeks together, say they don’t suit, then go their separate ways. Except things are about to get a little bit complicated…

Chadil knows a fake courtship is not the best solution to their predicament, but it’s vital his family avoid scandal. What’s the worst that can happen? Plus, spending time with Raina isn’t exactly a trial. Once their time together is over, Chadil can continue his blissfully free bachelor’s life and Raina can return to Baltimore. Yet their moments together prove they’re far more compatible than either had thought, and they’re getting pretty darn good at fooling the press into believing they really are a couple. They just need to get through the next few weeks without doing something monumentally stupid in front of the paparazzi. If only Raina could understand appearances mean everything—even more than the truth. But the press is relentless, and it isn’t long before rumors of a break-up are rampant. Problem is, this time the press has the story totally correct.

To save their relationship, Chadil has to do the hardest thing he’s ever done: be honest with himself, with the press…and with Raina.

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