The Billionaire’s False Fiancée (The Beaumont Brothers #2)

Jess Green has had to fight for everything she has. When she sees her future about to slide into an abyss thanks to an offhand comment made by her sexy but oblivious boss, Alistair Beaumont, she decides to take things into her own hands. Everyone in the financial world knows the Beaumont brothers need to settle down else the company that Jess depends upon will go under. So when Alistair is overheard discussing his disbelief in love and marriage the company stock price plunges. When Alistair suffers a bout of amnesia on a skiing trip, Jess sees a way to save the company and decides to tell him one teeny, tiny lie: she’s his fiancé.

Alistair loves one thing and one thing only—his freedom—and certainly not the girl he finds in his bed, claiming to be his future wife. Amnesia or not, something’s not right. Sure, she’s got that girl-next-door sexiness about her, and his attraction to her is powerful, but deep in his gut he’s rebelling against the idea of being tied down. However, snowed in and isolated from the world in an exclusive lodge, Alistair begins to believe they are a couple and against all odds, he actually finds himself falling in love.

But when Alistair gets his memories back, will he choose to stay with Jess who he can’t get out of his mind—or out of his heart—or will he choose to take back the freedom he’s always craved?

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