Rosso Billionaires

The Billionaire’s Blackmailed Bride is part of the Rosso Billionaires boxset.

These sexy Greek billionaires play by their own rules—and winning is the only option…

Take a trip to sultry Greece in this smouldering three-book boxset by USA Today bestselling author Leslie North. Three couples find themselves trying—and failing—to deny attractions that are destined to lead to love.

Greek Billionaire’s Blackmailed Bride
Greek banking heir Antonio Rosso is shocked when his late father leaves the beloved family villa to the one woman he never wanted to see again: his ex, Claire Bennett. To hang on to the home that meant so much to his mother, Antonio will have to convince Claire to marry him—a woman who doesn’t need or want anything from him. Except maybe his all-too-willing body…

Greek Billionaire’s Forbidden Lover
Billionaire Greek playboy Dareios Anaganos wants the one woman he can never touch: his best friend’s sister, Alexandra Rosso. Suddenly, all he can see are her perfect curves and gorgeous smile. When sparks fly between them at a masquerade party, they decide to take their blazing attraction to the next level. It’ll be their little secret…

Greek Billionaire’s Uncontrollable Attraction
Eighteen-year-old Greek banking heiress Eva Rosso has her heart set on attending college in the US, but she’s struggling to even pass the entrance exam. When her brother hires cocky and too good-looking American Callum Woods as her tutor, Eva wants him gone. But her game to force him out turns when she realizes she just may have met her match…

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