The SEAL’s Contract Baby

The SEAL’s Contract Baby has been re-published as Baby Daddy Protector.

A sexy Navy SEAL faces a tempting bargain…

After an accident on his last mission, Navy SEAL Zachary Raybourn has been relegated to babysitting duty. He’s spent the last six months guarding the princess of a tiny nation—a girl so valuable to the US, she can’t leave her house without him trailing after her. All he wants is to get back to his team, ASAP.

Esme Hollycombe is desperate to stop her scheming cousin from seizing the throne. But her country’s law states only a man can rule. An obscure legal code allows her to govern in the stead of any male heir she gives birth to. But Esme is unmarried, and definitely not pregnant. Then again, she has been assigned a smoking hot SEAL protector…

Esme offers Zachary a deal: provide her with an heir, and he can have his old life back. It all sounds crazy to Zachery… But he can’t deny, the more time he spends with her, the more their attraction grows.

Now, he’ll have to choose between the military family he lost, and the new family he’s building with Esme…

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