The Sheikh’s Contract Finacée (Almasi Sheikhs #1)

**The Sheikh’s Contract Fiancee is currently not available on Amazon for reasons beyond my control. **


Amazon have blocked the title due to it being illegally uploaded on another website by someone else. Despite having over 100 titles on Amazon, and two other books in this current series published, they believe I have stolen my own book! No amount of emails or phone calls seem to fix it. I’ve sent copyright registration, early drafts with comments from my editor and still they have blocked this title.

Maybe they’ll listen to customers? Please send a short email via address to:

Ask them why the title isn’t available to download, but all the other’s author’s books are. Ask them why it’s available everywhere else but Amazon. If you’re a long time reader, tell them you’ve never had an issues with the books before. 

You can get this direct from PayHip—only $1.99: !

The Sheikh’s Contract Finacée is available as an audiobook HERE!


Welcome to the steamy, hot and sultry new world of the Almasi Sheikhs!!

If you exotic locations, brooding bad boys and steamy passion my new series is going to knock your socks off!

Sheikh Imaad is just one of the tall, dark and handsome princes that make up the hot-blooded Alamasi Sheikhs series. I’m excited to share him with you and can’t wait to hear what you think!

Grab your copy of The Sheikh’s Contract Finacée at:


She’s expecting a simple business deal, but he’s expecting much more…

Annabelle works tirelessly for her father’s mining company, despite their rocky relationship. So when he asks her to travel to the Middle East to complete an important business merger, Annabelle sees an opportunity. It’s her chance to prove her worth, but the culture clash proves difficult for the strong-minded American woman. She’s supposed to work closely with the son of the oil company’s CEO, but Annabelle’s not sure what to make of Imaad. He may be gorgeous, but she refuses to be cowed by his good looks or his old-fashioned ways.

Sheikh Imaad is ruthless in his business dealings for the family oil company, but standing up to his traditional father is not as simple. When he learns his father’s full intentions–that the business arrangements include an arranged marriage to the American executive, Imaad wants to refuse. His intended bride is both beautiful and brash, but Imaad has a plan. If he can convince Annabelle to go along with the fake marriage, they might both get what they truly want. Sounds simple, but Imaad soon realizes it won’t be easy to tame a western woman.

To please their families and prove their worth, just how far will Imaad and Annabelle be willing to go? And what will happen when the charade starts to get a little too real?


Annabelle relaxed, looking back at the meandering stream of travelers. She nibbled on her lip, watching the door where more and more people exited, leaving the hall nearly empty. She kept a firm grip on her trademark teal suitcase. It was best to stand out, to set one’s luggage apart from the rest. She fidgeted with a cuticle. Or maybe that just meant it was easier to steal.

She sighed, cocking a hip, anxiety making flutters in her belly as she waited.


A deep voice interrupted her fretting. She spun on her heel, finding a tall man behind her. She gasped, unable to rip her gaze from his gorgeous face. He was picture-perfect, with the sort of stunning proportions that made her feel like she was looking at a magazine ad. Her mouth fell open and she forgot how to act, how to speak, how to do anything.

The man blinked, eyes narrowing. “You are Annabelle, right?”

She drew a deep breath, forcing her gaze away from his face. He was dressed like a model too. Crisp black suit, which complemented his olive skin tone amazingly well. Too amazingly well. She stared at his shoulder—the safest place she could look, she figured. “Yeah.”

“I’m Imaad.” He stuck out his hand. She blinked, looking at it for a moment, before bringing her own small, pale hand to greet his. They shook, and his warmth flooded her. She swallowed a sigh.

“Pleasure to meet you. You’re Director of Operations for Almasi Holdings, right?” She tucked back a lock of her hair, which suddenly felt greasy now, standing in the shadow of this beautiful man. She had day-old hair and airplane face.  She would have freshened up in the bathroom before hitting baggage claim if she’d known a man like this was greeting her.

“Yes. It’s my father’s company.” His voice was humorless. He stuffed his hands into his pockets. So this was the Imaad her father had said she’d get along with. Even after so few words, she had an inkling that the only thing she’d come to appreciate about him was his looks. He held something tight around him—dourness, or maybe a touch of xenophobia. Whatever it was, it left a bad taste in her mouth.

They blinked at each other for a moment. This is getting awkward.

She sniffed, clutching her purse tighter. “Where will we be going from here?”

“To your accommodations.” He looked away, like he was bored already. Inside, she groaned. Why did the hot ones have to be the biggest assholes? This guy didn’t deserve that face. Not with that attitude.

Will Sheikh Imaad stay this cold and distant? Find out on your e-reader today. The Sheikh’s Contract Finacée is available at:

Direct from PayHip—only $1.99: !

Get The Sheikh’s Contract Finacée audiobook HERE!

12 thoughts on “The Sheikh’s Contract Finacée (Almasi Sheikhs #1)”

    1. Hi Fran, The Sheikh’s Contract Fiancee will be in the Kindle store very soon! I apologize for the inconvenience, there has been a technical issue, which I’m trying to solve soon!

  1. I’ve sent my grievance to Amazon regarding book 1. I told them a do nothing stance is letting a thief profit from someone else’s hardwork. I hope this situation gets fixed for my own selfish reasons–I want to read book 1. Good luck and I’m sorry this situation has happened to you. By the way I really like your books, they’re a quick mini vacation.

  2. Sent email to amazon. Cannot believe they will do this to you! Have always bought all your books from them. Now I cant buy the newest Sheik book! The Sheik books are my favorite. Have them all but this one that I cannot purchase! Will not purchase from Amazon again till they get this issue fixed. Told them thus also. Buy all my reads from Amazon but no longer.

  3. Sent email to amazon about this problem about not being able to download your books and being very disappointed of their website!!!!

  4. I downloaded sample of Almasi 2 on iBooks but now it says nothing found. None of the Almasi series is there. Can’t find #1 anywhere. Hate to read without reading #1 first.

  5. All three books of the Almasi series were really good. I bought all three and I was not impressed with language that you used. It did not add anything to the story. All of your other books did not have that language in them. I was disappointed in these books.

  6. Amazon told me that your publisher won’t let it be on Kindle 🙁 Here is a transcript of my chat with Amazon if it helps! The last item is where I’m told its an issue with your publisher.

    Me: Hi, I’ve read all the series by Leslie North and I’m trying to download a Kindle version of The Sheikh’s Contract Fiancée. All her other books are available digitally but this one … how can I purchase a digital copy?

    You are now connected to Junaid Wali from

    Junaid Wali: Hello, my name is Junaid Wali. I’m here to help you today.

    Thank you for being a Prime member.

    CAn you please help me with the link of that book?

    Me: FYI Book 2 and 3 of this series are available in digital form .. why not Book 1? Book 2 and 3 are useless without it! Here is the link to book 1…(See full link)

    Junaid Wali: Please allow me a moment

    Me: Here is the link to book 2 which is available ? Very strange thing as Book 3 is also available in kindle form…(See full link)

    Junaid Wali: I am really sorry to say that the kindle version of the book had not been issued by the publisher of this book.

  7. I’m not a techie, but can we buy the book from another vendor and sent it to our email and convert to the kindle?

  8. I purchased book 1 The Sheikh’s Contract Fiancee on Kobo and now I am after books 2 and 3 of the Amasi Series The Sheikh’s Unruly Lover and The Shikh’s Pregnant Employee. I am finding Kobo do not have book 2 and 3 when will your publisher be releasing the books to Kobo and why did they take Book ! off? I do not use kindle.

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