The Sheikh’s Surprise Triplets (Azhar Sheikhs #3)

“This was the best book in this series. I totally loved it. The characters Basri and Juliette were beautifully carved, they were so good together they seemed like soul mates. Their adventure, their troubles, their survival together was like a roller coaster ride.”

 The Sheikh’s Surprise Triplets Reviewer

Juliette’s life is work—she’s ruthless, determined, and has built a reputation for helping difficult CEOs achieve their maximum potential. When she’s scouted by the royal Azhar family to assist the head of their tech division, Sheikh Basri Azhar, she’s eager for the challenge. The company is at a critical juncture, and it will be up to Juliette to keep the brash, young CEO on track. Shouldn’t be a problem—until Juliette meets Basri. He’s handsome, charismatic, and much harder to manage than she could have imagined. But Juliette won’t back down. She’s never met a boss she couldn’t tame.

Compared to his two older brothers, Basri has always been his father’s son. He values hard work and ingenuity, but he prefers an unstructured approach. Which is why Basri stays out of the office as much as possible. After all, he does his best thinking alone, outdoors in the Arabian wild. His new assistant Juliette, however, is like a force of nature. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and disciplined…and Basri has to constantly remind himself to keep it professional. But after weeks of Juliette trying to bend him to her will, Basri decides he has other plans.

When Basri invites her along on his next adventure, Juliette has no idea what she’s gotten herself into. But away from the board room and under the stars, Juliette begins to see the real Basri, and she can’t help wanting to see more…

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The Azhar Sheikhs series is also available as a boxed set from Amazon, GooglePlay, iBooks, Kobo and Nook.


“Excuse me, gentlemen.” Her confident voice felt like a whip on his knuckles, one that he was dying to feel more of. “I’m looking for Basri Azhar. Have either of you seen or heard from him?”

Ramon chuckled. “Not in ages.”

Basri opened his mouth to respond, but the newcomer interrupted him. “Might be good for you two, then. The boss probably wouldn’t like to see you playing ping pong.”

The delightfully western term reverberated through him. Basri grinned, unable to hide it.

“Nah, the boss is pretty oblivious,” Ramon went on, twirling his paddle between his hands. “He wouldn’t care even if he knew.”

Basri sent him a look, wondering when he should end this silly charade. He opened his mouth again but the woman went on.

“Well listen, I really need to find him.” Her use of the term “ping pong” had outed her as a foreigner, but her high-productivity impatience pegged her as an American in his book. “I’m Mr. Azhar’s new personal assistant, but I can’t even find him. I’ve sent him e-mails, texts, and I’ve called him about twenty times.”

Basri cleared his throat. Yes, he vaguely remembered new alerts on his phone, but he just hadn’t gotten to them yet. There were so many things he was meaning to get to…

“I can help you,” Basri blurted, offering a smile. “I’ll take you to his office straight away. I’m sure he’ll be back any minute.”

Ramon’s grin was ear to ear as Basri stepped away from the table tennis match.

“Ma’am, your name?” Ramon offered his hand.

“Juliette.” She offered a creamy hand, nails tipped with black nail polish. Everything about this woman made him want to lick her from head to toe. “I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself. It’s been a trying morning.”

“Understood. I’m Ramon. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Ramon all but brought the back of her hand up to his lips, and Basri cleared his throat, ushering them along.

“Wouldn’t want you to wait any more than is necessary,” he said, heading for the hallway. “Come now. I’ll give you a quick tour on the way.”

Juliette followed him, and he strode purposefully, gesturing toward the work pods to their right. “This is the ideation pod. Strong link between creative output and frequent breaks, hence the proximity to table tennis.” He glanced back at her. “Or as you called it, ping pong.”

“I assume this is your division, then?”

Basri fought a grin. “Not exactly.” He rounded a corner, gesturing to a set of high-walled cubicles. “This is where some of our designers work. But you can find most of them grouped in the standing offices at the far edge of the building. They tend to not like to be cooped up.”

Juliette nodded, her heels clicking in rhythm behind him. “Makes sense. Is the CEO’s office on a different floor? I was told to come here.”

“You’re on the right floor.” Basri rounded another corner, bringing her down a short hallway ending with a door marked CEO. “This is his office.”

Juliette’s brow crinkled. “Shouldn’t it be on the executive floor?”

“He believes that designers and engineers are the true heart of this company. He doesn’t like to be far away from the heart.” He smiled, his hand on the knob. “He’s like an artery.”

Juliette blinked at him, almost eye-level with him. “Oh, great.”


She sighed. “It’s a noble sentiment, but it seems I have my work cut out for me.”

Basri swallowed the knee-jerk defense and pushed open the door, guiding her inside. “Take a seat. He’ll be back shortly, I assure you.”

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The Azhar Sheikhs series is also available as a boxed set from Amazon, GooglePlay, iBooks, Kobo and Nook.

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